Friday, August 12, 2011

Dear readers a special postcard in september!

my dearest  readers, i am so sorry for not announcing new books  this summer. I will start again in september. I will like to announce  the new book to all the book club members by sending you a special postcard via regular mail. If you wish to remain a member of the book club and will like to receive a postcard in september please email  me your address!!

we have many new members and welcome to send me your info as well. till September my dear readers, hope your summer has been good so far.

with kindness,


  1. that's so sweet, you are fantastic!
    I certainly will send you my address, wonderful idea. Thank you! Nico

  2. Nadia , is a great , great idea ! I've just joined your blog. I've been waiting to join a reading club for a long time ... and now , here it is !

    Can we suggest any book?

  3. absolutely, we are doing the classics!

  4. I emailed you my address. Hope it's not too late to join!

  5. can I still sign up for this? sounds great!