Saturday, May 14, 2011

a travelling hippie shares her post about ethan frome

Book Club Ethan Frome

A little bliss when I can get it, is to sit on this chair and read something lovely.
It's hear that I have squirmed and enjoyed Edith Wharton's Ethan Frome.
Before reading Frome, I was memorized by Afterward, having never read Ethan Frome I was
 excited to see what kind of issues and themes Wharton would have me questioning. 

Apart of me thought at first that Ethan was such a pathetic character, 
Be a man!
I would scream sometimes at the pages, disappointed that such a talented and promising individual
 could be so lost and  trapped. Yet as the plot developed, something interesting happened. I realized that anger
 towards Ethan, was as a result of me seeing droplets of my life in Ethan's situation.

My mountain wasn't a miserable, distant and sickly wife.However my sickly wife has manifested
 in dreams and disappointing pursuits. Because of how cruel and strict the later has been, I have
 felt as though some of my dreams have died. I am alive yes, but am I really, without my hopes 
and dreams?

A sigh of relief went into the last few words of the story. I wished that Ethan, though 
held captive like many of us, would have dared to hold on to the promise of hope and love. 

Thank you so much Omoy for sharing your post about Ethan Frome, i too questioned why he did not stand 
ground, for what he cared for, i suppose being a man was not that easy in such times under such circumstances.
 thank you again, hope you enjoy My Antonia- it is a joy to read.

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