Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Becky shares her book cover

thank you becky, i love  the photograph, tess in the morning!

(dear readers, you want to hear something funny. i adopted a cat from the shelter in october, i was told her name was stella. well today i received her  rabies certificate and her name is actual Tess- silly i know but i thought how strange it was to find out only today! 


  1. Oh, I want to be a menber of this reading club! I love classics, I haven´t read this one. But tomorrow is the 1st of february. Too late for this one.

  2. hi alicia,

    we started the book club mid month so you actually have till the twentieth of february to read if you would like. i am included you inthe members sidebar and you can start whenever you would like!

    glad to have you!

  3. I definitely posted about this book super early but I couldn't wait, I was inspired! ;)

  4. oopsie! ...and I guess I should say it's a rather abreviated post since I'm only halfway through the book.