Friday, May 4, 2012

a new path for the book club

dearest readers, oh how i regret my absence and i do apologize for it.
I have recommitted myself in making this  a monthly thing and feel so grateful for all your emails
pertaining to La Porte Rouge read with me. I am not sure if you feel the same way but i have chosen the classics because they are so well written, epics of a time i long to have lived in, but i also know as i begin to read things for the four or fifth time i am doing myself a disfavor, for out there pen has been put to paper by some incredible story tellers so i have decided with your permission of course to alternate from classic to contemporary novels every other  month. so please join me in discovering new places, people and lives.

for the first novel non classic ( but maybe one day to future generations) i asked a dear blogger who's love for books is inspiring. Vibeke from the beautiful blog a butterfly in my hair has graciously excepted to give  us our first title. Please enjoy, i know i have promised myself this time to read away from other distractions.

please let me know how you feel about this change i would love to hear about it.

our new book for the month of may is


  1. it was a pleasure for me to choose your first title
    thank you dear nadia for the lovely words!

    i hope you readers will enjoy this beautiful book. the first pages of this book was actually hard for me to get through but when i came a little bit further into the story it developed into the most beautiful pearl of a book! when i closed it after finishing the story i was so happy that i didn't give up on those first pages because i would for sure have been a poorer soul having not read this book!
    one of my absolute favourites.

    good reading to everyone of you,

    ps: this book is also made into a movie, worth watching : )

    1. I have just ordered this dvd! and now I will be reading the book! I love how life is filled with all of these lovely co-incidences dear friend :)

    2. oh how nice to hear my friend, i loved the movie!
      must admit that i was SO afraid to see it because i loved the book so much....was really afraid to be dissapointed but that didn't happend at all!
      can't wait to hear what you think both about the movie and the book : )


  2. I think its a great idea! There are many wonderful writers of our own day. I'd love to explore their works. I haven't finished a book for a while now and I am really looking forward to it, especially to help pass the time before my baby #2 is born in July. Also, I love reading a good book and then watching the movie, so this will be fun.

    Happy reading, all!

    ps. my blog is still called CAUGHT MY EYE but now the address is Thanks!

  3. oh my, I have this book on hold at the library!!!! and I love Balasko!

  4. I have this book on my shelf, and I've been meaning to read it. Looks like the perfect opportunity is now!

  5. Excuse me, I don't belong to the club but I wanted to tell all of you that I've read that book and is...well, fabulous, with beautiful and endearing characters and masterfully written. A story that will touch you and you will remember. Is a book for sensitive hearts and intelligent minds.
    Kisses from far away...

  6. Dear Nadia, it's late in the month, but may I join the club?

  7. Well, I just posted Hemmingway's book, so I guess I had better get busy and read May's book.