Thursday, November 17, 2011

the new book

dear readers our new book  is Silas Marner by George Eliot. i hope you enjoy reading her book.
if you would like me to post you post for A portrait of a lady please email me!
Also if you do not see your name on the members list, just let me know and i will add it!

George Eliot


  1. Hi! Could you add me please? I can't wait to read this book! { Pasta and Peonies }

    ~ Katherine

  2. I've been reading all the books along with the group but have been too timid to actually become a part of it all! Is it possible to still join?
    If not, I'll probably just keep following and reading... I can't help it! ;)

  3. Thanks for adding me! I started the book last night haha!

    ~ Katherine {pasta and peonies}

  4. May I also be added to your reading list? I'm off to the library.

  5. i have included you under the members list.
    welcome so glad you will be reading iwth us!

  6. I WILL finish Silas Marner on time, I promise! I'm happy to be a part of the book club, thanks for opening your heart and this warm place for us Nadia. happy day to you.

  7. I have read Portrait of a Lady and have only now just posted it on my blog...

    sorry it's in late!
    Looking forward to reading all about Silas.
    Thanks for doing this, it is much appreciated